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March 29 – 30 2017
Le Meriedien Ibom Hotel, Uyo
Akwa Ibom State
Instructions: Please indicate your level of agreement with the statements listed below in Nos 1 – 12:

Evaluation Form - NOGOF 2017
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Objectives of the Opportunities Fair
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1. The objectives of the Opportunities Fair met your expectations
2. The Fair provided adequate networking opportunity for you
3. The opportunities presented were clear and do provide a working basis for your business
4. The Opportunities Fair presentations and interactions will be useful to me in my business
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Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
5.The facilities available and used for the Fair were adequate
a. Hotel Accommodation
b. Internal Transportation
c. Exhibition Arena
d. Fair Audio in the Main Hall
e. Visual in the Main Hall
6. Your participation at the Opportunities Fair from registration online to attendance was well managed by the organizers
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7. The exhibitions provided you with enough opportunities to meet opportunity owners and service providers
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Design and Structure of the Opportunities Fair
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8. The duration of the Fair was adequate to meet the stated objectives
9. The representation of the various companies and agencies that made presentations were at the right seniority and knowledge level
10. The mix of presentations (opportunity owners versus service providers) and panel sessions was right to meet the objectives of the Fair
11. You will recommend future Opportunities fairs to others who did not attend this one
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Fair Frequency
12. How often would you want the fair to hold?
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General Comments:
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